Heart, Soul & Magic

A New Paradigm Of Conscious Relationships with Jessica Hendrick

May 31, 2022 Jenni Anne Episode 82
Heart, Soul & Magic
A New Paradigm Of Conscious Relationships with Jessica Hendrick
Show Notes

In this episode I connect with relationship expert, Jessica Hendrick, to dive in to a new way to approach relationships; not just with a partner, but with yourself.

Tune in for:

  • A new paradigm of partnerships & relationships
  • Influences from our parents & pop culture
  • Create your vision of partnership
  • Ego vs consciousness
  • Conscious relationship with yourself

Hey, I’m Jenni and I’m a Conscious Feminine Leadership & Transformation Coach + Breath Alchemist, Sensual Yoga Teacher & Embodiment Facilitator.  I specialize in helping women uncover and drop-in to their feminine power and honour their sacred womanhood so they can unapologetically claim their space and embody their Truth.

I do this by alchemising dynamic energetics, breathwork, neural programming and coaching together so you stop outsourcing your power and leaking energy in people, places and things that are not aligned with your desires.  Freeing up more energy for you  to channel into liberation from the way it’s always been, so you can create the life you’re yearning for.

I’m here for a new paradigm in conscious feminine leadership; where women redesign how they show up in the world through how they are being.  It’s a remembrance of your true nature, where you truly embrace and embody everything that it means to be a woman.

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Jess is professionally trained as a Conscious Relationship Coach and Occupational Therapist (with a focus on mental health). Her specialty is guiding her clients to release unhealthy patterns: dating the same person in a different body, recreating the same toxic dynamics, triggers & reactions, and attraction to unavailable people so they can FINALLY experience fulfillment and connection in their relationships. Jess works with anyone who is struggling in all types of relationships, including your relationship with YOURSELF, relationship with friends/family/coworkers/bosses etc. 

Jess’ life has been her case study and she has really been through it ALL when it comes to relationships. By working on herself she was able to change the course of her life and now she guides her clients to do the same. Jess intuitively guides her clients to uncover beliefs in the subconscious mind that are creating discord in their relationships. Working with Jess will give you the gift of awareness of your patterns so you can reclaim your power and finally shift your relationship dynamics by going within and shifting the way you show up. This is how we alchemize and heal our relationships from the inside out! 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachjesshendrick/
Website: https://jesshendrick.com

Music: www.bensound.com